Why wait? Vote early.


Martinsville Bulletin: If you are tired of this election season and would like to get it over with, chances are you can do your part a little early.

Virginia is not one of the 15 states where most voters cast ballots prior to Election Day, but many Virginians can and do choose to vote early absentee.

If you can’t wait for Nov. 8 and you qualify to vote absentee, residents can do that at local registrars offices as soon as the morning of Friday, Sept. 23.

Voting absentee in person can take less time than waiting in lines at the polls on Election Day, often just 10 to 15 minutes at most, according to Charlottesville voter registrar Rosanna Bencoach.

“The absolute easiest way is to come down to your local voter registrar’s office,” she said. “That way you know your ballot has been counted and nothing can change and you know it’s done.”

Virginia does not have “no excuses” early voting but does have 19 reasons for registered voters to cast a ballot early if they so choose.  Read more.