Vote-by-mail seeing strong turnout in Cache County and across Utah

adminNews The use of vote-by-mail ballots for this month’s primary election inn Cache County, Utah, is seeing a strong response in advance of the June 28 election date, a trend also seen in 19 other counties throughout the state.

Cache County, which has used vote by mail for a number of elections since 2010, is one of 20 counties in Utah using the method in some capacity this election cycle. As of Friday afternoon, Cache County Clerk Jill Zollinger said, the county has received 4,360 votes since sending out ballots on June 7, about 52 percent of the ballots received in June 2010’s primary election, the first time the county used vote by mail as an option for specific cities.

“We’ve absolutely seen higher turnouts since adopting vote by mail,” Zollinger said, “especially for some of the smaller outlying cities in the county. Using vote by mail has brought in more votes than we may have seen without.”  Read more.  (Photo: Deseret News)