Expert: Millennials can’t find stamps, don’t mail in ballots


KCRA: There was a barrage of incoming ballots Wednesday at the Sacramento County elections office.  “The return of the ballots — the request for ballots — everything is the highest number I have ever seen in Sacramento County,” Sacramento County Registrar of Voters Jill Lavine said….

While young people in particular have been flocking to the Bernie Sanders campaign, a closer look at who has actually voted so far tells a very different story.

Millennials are “only 9 percent of the electorate,” Mitchell said, referring to mail-in ballots. “So, you have an under 35 group that is registering in droves but turning out in trickles in the early vote by mail.”

So why are younger voters showing such reluctance thus far to vote by mail?

“A lot of younger voters, they might not even know where they keep their stamps,” Mitchell said.

Voting by mail may be problematic for some voters — but not for older ones.  Read more.