Electionary, a multi-state guide to voting law


ProjectVote: In November, 33 states will request or require some form of voter ID to vote. In 17 of these states, citizens will have to show voter ID for the first time in a presidential election, according to the Washington Post last week. This includes Wisconsin, where the restrictive law is currently being challenged in court. These uncertain changes may confuse voters and those who are mobilizing them to vote in November. Fortunately, there is a tool that can help.

Electionary is a multi-state guide to voting law that currently features 21 states, including voter ID states Wisconsin, Mississippi, and Michigan.

The voter guide is a free, comprehensive online resource that voters can use to help overcome the inevitable obstacles of newly implemented or problematic voting laws. In addition to voter ID rules in each state, Electionary provides information on voter registration rules, election dates, early voting rules, disability access, and more.  Read more.