Another reason to worry: Coronavirus could upend our election

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Greg Sargent, Washington Post: As if there weren’t enough to worry about already, it’s becoming clear that coronavirus could wreak untold havoc in an area that’s only beginning to garner attention: our coming presidential election.

This is already happening in a very visible way: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both canceled their election-night rallies on Tuesday, citing fears of coronavirus’s spread. Vice President Pence, too, announcedthat future rallies by President Trump will be decided on a “day-to-day basis.”

But there’s a less visible way the disease could shake up our politics. And Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), who is often focused on election security issues, is sounding the alarm about it, by proposing $500 million in federal funding to help states prepare for voting disruptions caused by coronavirus.

Wyden has also filed legislation to make it possible for all Americans to vote by mail if necessary.  Read more.