Washington says, Export our vote-by-mail system

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Kitsap Sun Editorial BoardWe may not do everything exactly right in Washington when it comes to elections — witness the failure to move our primary up to the more relevant month of March or the Democratic Party’s insistence on using the antiquated caucus process to allocate delegates for its presidential nomination.

But with the period for candidates to file for office having concluded Friday and the state’s presidential primary closing on Tuesday, it’s time to note the benefit to democracy from our process that allows ballots to be distributed and submitted by mail, an experiment that debuted in the early 1990s and went to all-mail in 2012. Seems about time the rest of the country could learn from our successful experience, and use our example to give voters a ballot in hand so a decision can be made on a person’s own schedule, or eliminate complaints about disenfranchisement by forcing folks to stand in line all day long at a polling place.  Read more.