Officials investigating if absentee ballots were on USPS truck that caught fire


WXYZ: The Ypsilanti Township (MI) Clerk says it is unlikely that absentee ballots were on a U.S. Postal Office truck that caught fire on Thursday morning.  The clerk spoke with an official at the Ypsilanti Post Office who said it was unlikely the ballots were on the truck, but it cannot be completed ruled out, Washtenaw County Director of Elections Ed Golembiewski said.

According to post office official, the ballots are oversized mail, and are routed to and from a sorting facility in Pontiac rather than Detroit. Instead, they say it’s more likely absentee ballot applications were on the truck.  Golembiewski said they are encouraging residents who are concerned about the delivery of their absentee ballot or application to contact their city clerk, or visit the website to check the status of the application or ballot.  Watch the video.